TRAVEL DIARY | Hello from Louisiana & the Red Dress Day

Hello readers,

I missed you so much !!!

Almost 9 months without writing on my blog.

I am back in the United-States since three weeks. So excited, I dreamed about it all year. The last part of my journey is Louisiana, so it’s from a couch in New Orleans that I felt inspired to give you some news.

It’s been around 5 years that I discovered the passion to share with you all my travel stories, mes adventures, my problems, my life on the roads, even my anxieties. However, having to deal with too many issues I was unable to update my blog these last few months.

I don’t wanna talk about what happened during the year. 2017 was just a really complicated and sad year.


There are so many articles that I wanted to do, which I probably never publish one day. All the adventures of 2016 : Mexico City, Teotihuacán, Houston w/ the visit of the NASA Space Center, Dublin, Kilkenny and Howth in Ireland, New-York twice…. but also all the articles I have in mind about Baylor University, about my decision to become a vegetarian… and so on. I also wanted to start doIng vlogs, but I still don’t have the money for the perfect editing software.

Even if I traveled less in 2017, I tried to escape when I could.

I went in Ariège for skiing, visited Toulouse in Occitanie, Rouen and Giverny in Normandy, the medieval city of Provins for the first time. I was in Cannes on the French Riviera to celebrate the wedding of one of my friend. Last but not least : I went to Koln, a lovely german city.

Let’s be honnest : I’ve share nothing w/ you.


I don’t know why but this year I didn’t want to carry my photographic material everywhere or share my life, or either organize my trip in a certain way because of my blog…

I decided to stop and make a break rather than publish really fast.

Today is the last day of my American month. A long trip. I went to New Jersey, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, New York again… and now Louisiana. I loved my trip. I learnt so many things about me, spent unique moments, but I realize that I am really tired, and that I just want to go to the beach and sleep on a sunbed. I had many problems to handle here and I just need to be in Paris, alone, in a calm atmosphere.


J’ai aussi – et cela il faudra que j’y réfléchisse en rentrant – comme une fatigue de partager. J’ai toujours adoré posté mes photos, mes bons plans, mais je ne sais pourquoi je me suis réveillée ce matin avec l’envie de tout supprimer sur mon Facebook perso, voir sur les autres réseaux sociaux…

Je vous laisse, avec l’espoir de vous écrire bientôt de nouveau.

Les photos ont été prises sur Bourbon St. samedi après-midi. Je revenais du Musée de la Mort – sympa non? – et je me suis retrouvée plongée au milieu de cette fête, entre musique et hommes en robes.

A très bientôt…



  • Salut ma belle !
    J’espère que tu vas bien malgré ton dernier message prends soins de toi prends du temps pour toi.

    j’adore tes photos et ton blog tu me donnes encore plus envie de voyager ! je t’envie d’avoir voyager autant et seule je trouve ça tellement sympa ! j’espère faire ça un jour 🙂 sinon je trouve tes photos top je n’ai été qu’à NY AUX USA MAIS J’aimerais beaucoup aller en Californie à Chicago et à la nouvelle Orléans !

    Je t’embrasse fort


  • Tu as raison de prendre une pause plutôt que rédiger des articles parce que tu te sens obligée de publier régulièrement ! en tout cas tes photos sont très belles.
    Peut-être a bientôt alors 😉

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