Arriver dans une nouvelle ville

When people ask me why I decided to move in Bordeaux, I don’t know the answer.

2017 was a not really cool, and the only thing I wanted was to leaving Paris, definitively. I was dreaming to built my career abroad, but I still don’t know why, I got the feeling that I needed to stay in France for a bit, to fix some issues. Bordeaux attracted me more and more. Well, I love wine for sure, but the reason was much more profound.

It was just one more challenge. Now I can say it was a kind of life challenge.

I arrived there three month ago, with just one suitcase, a temporary accommodation, no job, no friends. I never visited the city before to take that decision.

It have not been always easy but I can say  that I am proud of my ability to recreate a new life and a new environment since few weeks. The main thing was to realize that I am capable to meet easily new personn, and that’s something I am really grateful for.

So today, my article will be a little bit special. I just wanted to share with you guys some tips to meet new people if you just arrived in a new place, especially if as me you are not a student anymore. I am really and outgoing person but I have never been in that situation before.

  1. Find a job : Even if it will be not your dream job, it will be great to start and for self-confidence
    I worked as a sales assistant for a month, and even if it was not the kind of job i was dreaming about I met really nice colleagues there, that gave me some cool informations about Bordeaux. It really helped me to feel not lonely during the days, and just going to work was a great way for me to be in a positiv rythm and have money to go out.
  2. Use the internet
    Well, i’m not telling you to go on Tinder, but sometimes social networks can be really helpfull. When I arrived in Bordeaux I started following many people on Instagram, just to discover where was the cool places in the city to eat or go out. I started posting pictures, and finally two people working related to the wine industry sent me DM and we finally had many glass of red wine together. These first meetings were made thanks to the internet, so think about it ! Also, I joined a Facebook group for newbies, and decided to go on an event a guy organized for New Year Eve. I met many people there, and especially a girl who was a reader of that blog few years ago. What a coincidence. She immediatly recognized me. So, who said internet is not a way to make friends? Not me.
  3. Improve your professional network
    Even if you are not looking for a job, if you are new in the area try to go to some network event, to find one or two people on LinkedIn who work in the same field as you and invite them to have a coffee.  Just saying “hello, I’m here” is a good start because later these people can think about you and help you with your career, or they could have good advices or contacts for you.
  4. Take any occasions and never turn down an invite
    Another anecdotal story : last time I sold a leather jacket to a girl, and we must move in the same direction. We had a pretty nice talk so I decided to send her a text later to tell her that we should go to Starbucks one day to learn more about each other. I didn’t felt stupid to ask. These kind of small occasions could really help you making new friends. Get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes I am really tired or not motivated to go somewhere, but if I know I will meet again few people I talked to I try to go just because it take time to make real friends so spending time with the same persons is a good start. Be just friendly and talkative, it’s something I learnt last summer when I met a cute guy in an airport.
  5. Become a regular 
    I like discovering new restaurants and coffee shop all the time but sometimes it’s great to find one place and get to know the staff as well as other regular customers. I’m going several times a week to the café on my street so now I know the owners and I usually see the same people there.

    Bonus & Best advice : Take time for you !
    Arriving in a new city is often a moment of emotional turmoil, everything can be exciting but at the same time really hard. Even if it not easy to feel lonely, take that moment for you, to think about your dreams, your life goals, take time to go to the gym or to improve a foreign language or a skill you have. It’s definitly the good moment to think about YOU !

Hope these advices will be helpfull for you if you are in that situation right now.

And if you are new in Bordeaux, send me a message 😉

See you soon for another article !


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