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Well. Can you believe it’s already the last day of the year ?

The past year has indeed been an extremely difficult one. So difficult to find the strenght to continue and push on. Therefore, there will be no review of 2017 on my blog as last year. I am happy to say bye to these 365 days and to start something new.

Until this summer, I was determined to move abroad. To get as far away as possible. I had signed up to obtain a canadian WHV, I was still dreaming about the Entertainement Studies program at UCLA.

Finally, for many reasons, I left Paris to move to Bordeaux.

I want to enjoy this year for me, do what I needed to do for months, start on a new basis.

And as the end of the year is always the perfect moment for lists and dreams, I wanted to share w/ you my top  destinations I have would love to travel to some day…

top travel blog 2018

Last year we wanted to go there with my friend Ophélie, but the flights were too expensive. Denmark seems to be the perfect destination to spend a week-end in Europe and explore.

I look forward to working in that city. I never been in Canada but it seems to be a cool city with a cool spirit, that could be a chance for me and my career. Even if I am born to live in warm location, snowy landscapes, whales watching, and the idea to be close to New York would be my consolation.

I have never been to Africa. I wanted to go there for an event in Senegal but I had too many problems to handle at that time. I am still optimistic to see Dakar as soon as possible.

US West Coast, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Washington DC…
I now know the United-States pretty well but especially the Southern Belt and New York city where all my friends are. I would like to go to the US every two years minimum to see them and do a new State or a new city each time. Washington is just a couple of hours from New York, so I plan to go there next time, but my others ideas include Los Angeles, Malibu, Death Valley, the mountains of Colorado, Zion Park… There are also many things I would love to do or re-do in Texas as Marfa or Big Bend National Park…

Thanks to Inès !! Because of her I am dreaming to go there three weeks and just breathe….

Still in my mind for a WHV but probably not this year.

France, South West, San Sebastian, Bilbao
I just move to Bordeaux one month ago so I have many things to discover. I would love to explore the South West, and especially the Basque Country (Hossegor, Saint Jean de Luz, Biarritz…) and also some cities in Spain such as San Sebastian or Bilbao. It will be the perfect occasion to go to l’île de Ré, l’île d’Oléron, La Rochelle, Saint Emilion, Arcachon, Cap Ferret but also to Sarlat, Saint Cyr Lapopie, Périgueux… I will publish my list soon !

A trip to Italy (Positano, Cinque Terre, Roma, Amalfi…) or to Germany/Switzerland (Koln, Dusseldorf, Mainz, Francfort, Munich, Zurich, Bâle, Berne, Lausanne, Genève…)
I really liked to follow Marine last summer during her trip around Italy. That could be something to do for this new year. I spent a lot of time in Italy when I was younger, but I miss it now. Also, I would love to see many swiss and german city so when I will have some money I will probably buy an interail pass.

Corsica or Ibiza
In my last article I told you how my holidays in the US were exhausting… for the next summer I hope to spend a week in a perfect place just to sleep, go the beach, dance and drink cocktails…

As I am still looking for a job in my field, I don’t know if I could realize some of my dreams this year, but I still hope to do all these destinations one day. I miss take a trip, and being excited of everything.

And you, where do you plan to go in 2018 ? what are your dream destinations ? I wanna know everything !

See ya next year !!




  • Salut ma belle !!
    Je suis trop en retard sur tes articles omg honte à moi §
    J’adore ta whishlist de voyage tu sais j’adore voyager :p
    Du coup, je trouve ton envie d’aller aux US tous les 2 ans une très bonne idée pour ma part j’aimerais faire un gros voyage tous les ans mais ça sera peut être plus tous les deux ans questions d’argent et d’études haha !
    Sinon Copenhague est une ville sympa le vélo est roi mais c’est une ville très chère !
    Je pars à Montréal cet été je te prends dans ma valise ?
    J’aimerais découvrir plus la France notamment les pays basques qui me tente trop!
    Je pense que tu aimerais beaucoup le Sénégal j’avais adoré mon voyage là bas !

    Pour ma part mes rêves sont la Jordanie et l’Islande pour l’instant ! l’Amérique du sud me tente aussi d’ailleurs as-tu déjà été ?
    Gros bisous <3

  • Ohh trop mignonne je prend connaissance de ton article maintenant 🙂 J’avoue que je compte les jours avant de pouvoir partir à bali, cette destination me fait tellement rêver !!

    Je reviens de Corse et c’est vrai que c’est toujours aussi magique et authentique.. et j’aimerai beaucoup aussi aller à ibiza, ibiza ce village de pecheur et d’hippies comme on le voit très souvent.. ça m’attire tellement mais il va falloir convaincre mon chéri haha

    Gros bisous ma belle !!

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